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Tokyo to Glasgow- An introduction to Hyperart Thomassons in Glasgow Walking Tour / Glasgow (UK) /
Open House Festival /2017

                        Have you ever seen a Thomasson? That doorknob in a wall without a door, that staircase that goes up and down but never arrives anywhere, that strange concrete thing sprouting out of your sidewalk with no discernable purpose? Have you ever puzzled over its strangeness, or stopped to marvel at its useless beauty?
In 1970's Tokyo, artist Genpei Akasegawa and his friends began noticing architectural objects around the city which, though carefully maintained, served no apparent purpose, aesthetic or otherwise. They called these objects 'Thomassons' after the American baseball player, who was recruited by a Japanese team but whose bat rarely connected with the ball.
Taking inspiration from artist Genpei Akasegawa's study and documentation of such Thomassons in Tokyo, this walking tour around the city will highlight Glasgow's own hidden sculptures.
Hyperart ''Thomassons''.
The term 'Thomassons', describes defunct and useless relics or structures that have been preserved as part of the built environment and aesthetically maintained. Throughout the tour, the artist will explain the terminology of 'Thomassons' and its context within Contemporary Art as well as its importance within Glasgow's infrastructure.
Every participant was issued a Thomasson report sheet to document their findings.