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Harriet Rose Morley (She/her)
b. Scarborough, UK 1994

.....is a multi-disciplinary artist, maker, and educator currently based in The Hague, (NL). The projects and works she produces aim to challenge our conceptions of the function of (public) art in placemaking, urban objects and civic space by questioning the ambiguity of their functions - or lack thereof - and seeing them as sources for humorous critique. She is building an increasing catalogue of national and international public artworks and interventions, working with furniture building,  architectural installation and collaborative projects. The development of her work is often reliant on public interaction and collaboration through workshops, conversations and educational events that provide an accessible and inclusive insight into topics of urgency within art and/in public space such as the relationship between politics and art, social culture and gentrification, care and therapy, self-organisation, alternative education, and self-build ideals. She believes in the role of the artist as a critical and political agent and see's her own role in this as one that creates space for building ownership of space and (public) art within the communities she is working with, enabling unheard and under-heard voices to speak through making. She is continuously keen to work with new audiences/public(s) and practitioners from other fields such as design and architecture, civic and urban studies.
She is a graduate of Sculpture and Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art (2016), the alternative Masters, School of the Damned (2019/2020), and is currently the first year-long artist in resident at Hotel Maria Kapel in Hoorn, NL, (2019/20).
Previous projects/exhibitions include Plymouth Art Weekender Public Art Commission (2020), Transnational Interstate Art Agency with Assemble @ WEST Den Haag (2019), Edinburgh Art Festival (2017) and the Hollst Residency, Yaroslavl (2018). Upcoming projects include ’Your never done’ Glasgow International (Postponed to 2021), Can Serrat Residency 2020 (ES), Artist in Residence at the ZK/U Centre for Art and Urbaninstics in Berlin.

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